Any Tips For Attracting Decent Women?

Some dude from yahoo answers had a cool question. Now, its obvious he hasnt taken my secret quiz, but ignore that, and focus on his question, and how I answer it. Question:  I’m 29, work overnights, and don’t get out much. When I do, I don; t get anywhere (it’s like I’m a nervous teenager all over again). Any suggestions aside from «be confident» and «be yourself» would be appreciated.

Answer:  Sure dude. There’s generally two approaches a guy like you can take. I think both are ok, and its your choice. I know plenty of guys who literally are workaholics and don’t have time to focus on socializing, and there’s one of two options they take on…

The super-quick, super-efficient, take-it-or-leave it (numbers game) method

What this involves is literally being super-direct and realizing that you’re filtering out a lot of women, and very few are going to be interested like htis, but you accept it because you want to be super-efficient and save time.

Let me give you an example. I have a friend who literally works like 12-16 hours a day… what he does is as he’s on his way doing some chores through town (supermarket, laundry, whatever)… He literally walks up to every half-decent woman he sees, and says something like this… «Hey, I’m in a hurry, and don’t want to take your time or bother you either… But I noticed you, and thought to myself, hey she looks like a fun person to meet. If you are interested, let me know and I can call you some day. If you’re not, that’s fine too». Said with a smile, and frank, gentlemanly soft-attitude. But you have to be super-ok with her saying no. What you also have to realize is that a lot of the women who’ll say NO to you, would be all over you if you had met them in different circumstance. If you do it right though, virtually 100% of them will react well and pleasantly and appreciate the approach (even if they don’t give you their number).

What he gets out of this approach however… is the following… He only takes 30-60 seconds per approach, and does 5-7 a day on average. (10 minutes of work a day)… Within a week, he’s asked 50 women, and 3-4 have given him their number. And about 1-2 end up dating him. So he invests 10 minutes a day to get 1-2 dates a week.

The dont-care-about-results method

This is where the ONLY reason you go out is to have fun and just relax from your hectic work-schedule, but you GENUINELLY have to not want anything from women. You literally just go out to relax and take a load off your back. What you do is… You walk around and introduce yourself to people and JUST CHAT… Do not try to pick up any women, do not try to hit on them, do not try to get any results.

Where might this lead you? How can you possibly get results this way you ask? Its simple… When you’re relaxed and just get to know women and treat them as humans, they open up and a few of them will start chasing YOU. When she starts chasing you, and its her idea (she starts flirting, winking, touching you…) its super-easy… You pretty much have it made. IF she initiates the flirting, its a done deal, you just have to take it to the bank.