Attract the One by Being the One


Attract – The New Power Couple, Aaron and Jocelyn Freeman, are angel investors, ordained ministers, coaches and entrepreneurs who share a philosophy of being the “one person” who attracts people. The Freemans believe that you can attract the one person you want to spend your life with, and then free up time for looking for him or her. They also believe that physical proximity and healthy emotions are essential in attracting someone to you.

Becoming the person you want to attract

Becoming the person you want to attract takes time, commitment, and honesty. There are many benefits of being yourself and accepting responsibility for your life. You’ll attract better relationships if you are less selfish and more thoughtful. If you’re feeling lonely or stuck in a relationship that doesn’t serve you, change your behavior. Becoming the person you want to attract will allow you to have the relationship you deserve.

To attract the life of your dreams, you must be the best version of yourself. Spend time with people who are surrounded by what you want, and become the person you’ve always dreamed of becoming. Becoming the person you want to attract will help you attract the people and circumstances of your dreams. Becoming the person you want to attract isn’t easy, but with determination, you’ll attract the people you want.



Physical proximity

There is a theory about attraction that predicts that people avoid intimacy when they are physically distant. While Kaitz et al. found a relationship between physical distance and avoidance of intimacy, the same study by Yukawa and colleagues did not show a relationship between proximity and avoidance of intimacy. As a result, current research is sparse. However, the theory holds that physical proximity can increase the physical attraction of a person to another.

According to a study published in the Psychological Bulletin, proximity is an important factor in attraction. It has been proven that people who are physically close are more likely to initiate conversation, show interest in other people’s interests, and make eye contact. This type of proximity also enhances platonic attraction, which is why living in the same city is so beneficial for relationships. The same holds true for online relationships.

Expressing your emotions in a healthy manner

Emotional attraction is when you talk about the other person, daydream about them and remember their emotions. You are emotionally connected to the other person and cannot stop talking about them, even if it is just about your personality. It is important to express your feelings to increase the level of connection you have with them. Ultimately, you will feel more connected to them if you learn to express your feelings in a healthy manner.




When it comes to dating, men are drawn to women who are reliable and trustworthy. Trustworthy women have a positive impact on the quality of relationships they enjoy. Men are also attracted to women who have similar interests and values. These qualities will help you build meaningful connections and bring people closer to each other. Be trustworthy and you will attract the right man. Here are some ways to attract a man who will respect your values and be loyal to you.

Similarity in expression of emotions

If you’re a relationship expert, you’ve probably heard that shared emotions are the key to emotional attraction. Nina Rubin, who has studied relationships, argues that you don’t need to have a history or even a shared history to create an emotional connection with someone. Instead, make eye contact and relate with empathy. Make eye contact out of interest, not because you have something to hide or want to impress.


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