How To Attract Females Like Bees On Honey

You know what I decided to do today? Keep it simple and to the point. I’m not going to bother you with tons of theory or any of that, just straight to the main tricks and tips that all you to attract females. So let’s do it!

Stop Giving A Fuck

Ever wanted to know why women go for bad-boys and jerks as often as they do? Its because badboys and jerks simply don’t give a flying fuck. If you don’t give a fuck what women think, whether you said the right thing or not, whether she likes or approves your clothes, your words or image… You’ll oddly come across as an independent, hot, sexy guy. Now, I’m not telling you to be a jerk. You can take this too far and start stepping over other people’s feelings to get what you want. This is not what I’m talking about. All I’m saying is that women are humans too. They’re not goddesses, it doesn’t matter what a random hot woman thinks or how she judges you anymore than a random person in some tribe on another continent. Just be yourself, say what you believe and do what you like. If she doesn’t like you that way? Guess what, kissing up to her and trying to mold yourself around her wouldn’t work either. But if she does like you at all, if you act like you don’t give a crap, she will have much more respect for you.

Be Social

There’s all these articles around that tell you to be confident around women. But how do you do it? How does confidence actually look, feel and behave like? How do you get this confidence? Sometimes it seems guys either have it or don’t have it. Well, I’ve got a secret for you. My biggest secret to becoming confident, cool, calm and comfortable around attractive females… Is to just be social. What I mean by this is become the kind of guy that talks to and socializes with everyone, and I mean every single person that crosses your path. Whether its the retired neighbour down the street, the old lady in the supermarket aisle or the receptionist at the office building. Why? Because if you get in the mood of just talking to everyone that crosses your path, guess what? You won’t discriminate against hot women either. When a hot woman is standing next to you in the elevator, you’ll start conversing on autopilot, as you do whenever some person is next to you in the elevator… And overtime you’ll get so confident with with women, that they’ll just find you amazingly attractive. Your comfortable and social vibe will just attract females like crazy.

Smile and laugh a lot

Here’s a secret about women you might know… They’re just as anxious, scared and afraid when socializing with guys, as you are in trying to socialize with them. Now, if you applied my social tip, you’d be pretty comfortable and cool around them… And this would let them be more at ease and relax. But there is something that guys who attract females also do. Its another secret all of these guys have in common. Want to know their secret? These guys smile and laugh a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean a LOT. Of course, just like with the social thing, you wanna do this with everyone too, not just hot women. You want to make you always being the chatty, fun, positive guy being a habit for you. And yes, its just a habit you develop.


I want you to put on a smile on your face. I mean a huge-ass grin that goes from one ear to the other. I mean it should be so huge, you should feel funny about it. You got it? Good. Now what you want to do, is read this article 2 more times, up to this point, while holding this grin. The exercise is to read the entire article without letting go of that grin.

Did the exercise? If you haven’t go do it, its important… Ok, so you did the exercise… Do you notice anything different? Do you feel in a funny, interesting mood? Do you feel all tingly and like everything is cool? Well, that’s how you develop that state. Try to work on this mood, and in time you can make it so that you have this mood whenever you talk to women.

If you apply these 3 tricks together, you will find you do attract females like bees on honey…