How to Deal with a Broken Heart

Let’s face it:  breaking up is never something we enjoy. When a relationship ends, a period of mourning and healing begin for both people involved. If breaking up was a mutual decision, both members of the couple will now be going through an adjustment period where they start to get used to being single and no longer having their partner in their life. If one partner broke up with the other, then the one who ended the relationship might be dealing with nagging feelings about whether or not it was a mistake, as well as guilt. And, the person who was broken up with will be dealing with being rejected and adjusting to life without the one they love.

Getting through those first weeks after the break-up can be a particularly challenging time. That is why we have provided this list of eight tips on how to deal with a broken heart, get through those first weeks after a break-up and allow the healing to begin.

Avoid your ex

Running into your ex may bring up emotions that result in you doing or saying something you will later regret. Therefore, it is not being immature to try to avoid places he or she might be; it really is the best thing to do in the first few weeks.

Talk it out with good friends

Talking about what you are feeling right now will help you avoid bottling it up inside. If you hold it all in, it could just come back to haunt you later. And, many of your friends will understand what you are going through and will be all too familiar with how to deal with a broken heart.


Crying is a cleansing and healing process, and it is perfectly okay to cry over the loss you have experienced. The only limit you should put on your crying is that you should try to do it in a private, safe place where it will not be reported back to your ex. These tears are yours and are for easing the pain, not trying to guilt your ex into getting back together with you.

Remove mementos from your everyday life

When you are first learning how to deal with a broken heart, it is a good idea to put away anything that reminds you or your ex or your relationship. Keeping them out of sight is a good idea until you can think back on the relationship without as much pain and longing.

Do not get together with your former lover

After a break-up, it is natural to feel sad and to miss the relationship. This can lead to falling back into your ex’s arms, but you simply cannot do this. All this will do is cause a major setback in your healing process. Now is not the time to rekindle things. The relationship ended for a reason; now it’s time to heal.

Remind yourself of your ex’s imperfections

During the first few weeks after a break-up, it can be helpful to think about the things that turned you off or really annoyed you. Focusing on the things that you won’t miss will help keep things in perspective and make you feel better.

Remember all

Remember all of the rude, cruel and mean things that your ex did during your relationship. This will help you remember that things that you are better off without.

Do not contact your ex

No notes passed through friends. No phone calls or instant messages. You really need to stay true to your no contact policy until you are sure you are no longer longing to get back together.