How to Rekindle an Old Flame

Millions of people spend time wondering about that one that got away. They think often of that girlfriend who they fell for completely, but that just did not work out for one reason or another. And, millions of single people also wish they had the chance to try to win that ex back.

Trying to get your ex girl back can go horribly wrong if not pursued appropriately. You have to remember that you already have a failed relationship with your ex and that, in reality, it would be easier to attract a new partner than to fix things with your ex. But, if you want to try to get your ex girl back, you can overcome the history you have shared by following these steps.

Steps to get back your ex girl

Start dating other people

This may seem counter intuitive, but dating others shows your ex that you are confident and independent, as well as showing them that you are attractive to others are not moping around hung up on them.

Make your life attractive and appealing

You are not going to get your ex girl back by lounging on the sofa. You need to make your life attractive in a way that might make your ex want to share it with you once again. This means learning new things, working out, volunteering or showing your passion for your work.

Take advantage of mutual friendships

Make sure the friends that you have in common with your ex know that you are doing well and show them how you have moved on and are improving your life. This will eventually find its way to your ex and just might get them thinking about you.

Orchestrate bumping into your ex

In order to know whether or not you have a chance to get your ex girl back, you need to bump into her. The key here is doing so without looking like a stalker and making it look like fate, rather than some careful planning on your part.

Treat them like any other friend

This might be hard, but it is important. This will let your ex know that the past is in the past and that being in their presence does not make you feel awkward. This is a great way to look confident and independent, and to avoid looking needy. It just might help them start to look at you differently.

Take it slow

Even if your ex shows interest in getting back together, diving back in immediately is not a good idea. You are looking for long-term success here, and you will not find it if you jump back in and start making the same mistakes. Take it slow and do a few, simple things that let them know you are comfortable in their presence, but not obsessed with them.

Gauge their interest

Keep a watchful eye out for signs of interest. Ideally, you want them to think about rekindling your romance before you make any suggestions, and it is even better if they are one that suggests giving things a second chance.

Be ready to move on

Remember that there are millions of other singles out there looking for love. If your ex just is not interested, it is not the end of the world. There are many other potential partners that you would likely get along with great, maybe even leading to a better relationship than the one you shared with your ex. You should be proud of the fact that you had the guts to try to get your ex girl back, and then be ready to set out on the journey to find the partner of your dreams.

Be careful not to buy into the idea that there is only one person out there for each of us. There are literally thousands of potential partners for you out there. So, regardless of whether or not you succeed in your attempts to get your ex girl back, know that your efforts to make your life and yourself attractive to others can help you find love and have a successful relationship.