How To Tell If You Have A Secret Admirer or a Stalker

Secret Admirer or Stalker? – Signs That You Are Being Stalked
Having a secret admirer can be exhilarating and flattering. A secret admirer is someone who anonymously confesses his affection or love for another individual with the intent to win her affection.

The traditional method used by secret admirers to communicate with their intended is through love letters; however, with today’s growing technology, secret admirers also use emails, and text messages as other forms of communication.

This can be a quite romantic affair; however, when innocent and sweet admiration turns into an obsession, it can get dangerous. A stalker must never be ignored since his/her behavior might escalate.
In recent years, stalking has become one of the most feared crimes against women around the world. To avoid dangerous consequences of being stalked, it is critical to be aware of red flags that can help you determine if you are being stalked.

Tips For Spotting A Stalker

Someone hanging around your neighborhood

Do you usually run into the same guy at the grocery store, at your workplace, or on your way home? Running into a person, more often than normal, is a sign of being stalked.
Occasional meeting could mean a simple coincidence, or even serendipity; however, repeated meetings can mean you are being stalked.ave you ever had that feeling like someone is watching you or walking behind you? That kind of intuition in most women is usually accurate. If you feel that you are being followed, or wondering if you are being stalked, you can consider some of these tips for spotting a stalker.

Repeated phone calls

Repeated phone calls can even be from someone you barely know. It can be silent messages left on your answering machine or someone who hangs-up when you answer the phone. If you know the person who keeps on calling you, you can tell him/her to stop. If the phone call harassment persists, you can call the police.

Being watched

A stalker may follow you from a distance, and gather general information about you and those who are important to you. The stalker might even take photographs, and even ask your closest friends about you. He/she can also gather information through online or public records.

Receiving inappropriate gifts

Stalkers love to give gifts to their victims. Some stalkers love to send flowers or candies to show their interest. Unfortunately, if the victim does not return the affection, they escalate by sending inappropriate gifts, such as pornographic gifts, mutilated toys, or dead animals.

If you have a stalker, he/she might send gifts to your office with the intent to embarrass you in front of your colleagues and peers, and force you to acknowledge them. Sending over gifts is usually followed by repeated phone calls, as mentioned earlier.


If the stalker does not receive the affection they want from their victims, their behavior might escalate to violence. The stalker may threaten or frighten their victims. For instance, your car might be vandalized or your home might be broken into.

You can identify a stalker-related crime if you receive repeated phone calls after the incident. If you receive threats or if the person, who claims responsibility for the crime, contacts you, you must immediately call for the police.

Protect Yourself: Get A Restraining Order

A restraining order is a form of protection that can keep you, your property, and your legal rights safe before anything bad happens. The restraining order has a wide coverage. For instance, the court may restrict someone on how to deal with a property, or they can direct a person’s action.
The restraining order also has conditions and these may include prohibiting someone to: call, email, or send letters to someone; enter a family home; be within the same location with another individual, and so on. If you have a stalker problem, you can file for a restraining order against them.