How To Woo A Girl

This true love advice article discusses how to woo a girl. Better still, you are about to also find out how to get her to say yes!

Why Wooing a Girl is Difficult

But, first, let us find out why wooing a difficult appears to be a problem for many boys and young men. Certainly, wooing a girl and getting her to say yes is oft-times not an easy task. And why is that? For two simple reasons. Well, for one, it would appear that girls in general were designed to play hard-to-get (l may be wrong, but this is my sincere opinion) when it comes to the game of wooing a girl.

Additionally, many people in some cultures regard it as improper behaviour for a girl to be the first to approach a boy for the purpose of having a relationship. Girls are, thus, not expected to indicate interest in a boy they admire and like as it is viewed as unladylike and being too forward on the part of the girl.

So, the society encourages girls to play hard-to-get; as a way of increasing their value or worth in the eyes of interested wooers.
Hence, it is believed that giving in too easily to the wooing advances of a boy”cheapens”a girl and may make the boy have a low esteem of her.
Consequently, despite the hue and cry about the equality of the sexes and women liberation, it appear that girls and women still prefer to be the docile partner when it comes to the business of who woos who.
Yes, contrary to what many folks would like to believe, male chivalry still holds sway; and what constitute proper and improper ladylike behaviour is largely dictated by this age-old tradition.

On the other hand, questions like”how long should a girl who desire to put up an appearance of decency in the eyes of the society keep a persistent wooer at bay until she eventually give in to him?”remain unanswered. So, the girl finds it confusing as to how long to put up the facade and when should be the”right time”to say yes to the wooer so as not to appear”cheap”in his eyes.

Another reason why wooing a girl appears difficult nowadays is that many boys and young men are shy and timid by nature when it comes to approaching total strangers; even if those strangers happen to be cute girls that they find themselves attracted to. So, when the opportunity present itself to woo the girls in question, they pass up such opportunities and prefer to suffer in silence.

Thus, they notice the beautiful girls pass by them daily. They are attracted to them; but when it comes to the crucial moment, they cannot seem to muster up enough courage to take the first step to meet the girls. And even if they manage to approach the girls, they get so scared that they simply cannot bring themselves to utter the first words.

Shaking all over with trepidation and almost peeing in his pants, the timid wooer cannot bring himself to look at the face of his female escort, much less say a simple”hello”to the bemused girl.

ls it any wonder then that people who are shy tend to give themselves fewer chances of starting new relationships or even maintaining old ones?
Overcoming Shyness and Timidity in Wooing a Girl
Without a doubt, shyness and timidity are hindrances to successfully wooing a girl and getting her to say yes.

So, what do you do if you have the problem of shyness and timidity when approaching a girl for the purpose of wooing her and starting a relationship with her? As a matter of fact, how do you overcome such timidity and anxious moments?

Speaking on the subject of overcoming shyness and timidity in wooing a girl, here are four ways to overcome shyness and timidity in wooing a girl:
Practice, they say, makes perfect. Hence, practice eye contact, confident body language, introductions, small talk, asking questions, and invitations with the people you feel most comfortable around. One way you can build your confidence is to smile a lot – even at things that seem stupid.

Knowing what to say beforehand makes it easier to get a conversation started and going. You can start a conversation by introducing yourself and pausing to get a response from the girl. Remember too that girls and women alike love compliments. So, a sincere comment about the girl’s dress, her hair, her eyes and even her stunning beauty. This would make the girl drop down her guard and warm up to you. Questions are also a great way to get a conversation going.

Rehearsing what to say beforehand can also help you to overcome shyness and timid. You can write down what you want to say beforehand and rehearse it out loud to yourself. You may not be perfect but constant rehearsal several times a day can make it easier for you when you eventually decide to give it a go.

Another way to overcome shyness and timidity in wooing a girl is socialize with people who share similar interests as yourself. People who are shy often worry about failing or how others will judge them. Worries and feelings like these can keep you from trying. Treat yourself like your own best friend and avoid being overly critical of yourself and your efforts at wooing a girl. Therefore, encourage yourself instead of expecting to fail.