Just What is Elite Dating

Well, in the early days of online dating, some 10-15 years ago, most dating sites catered for a general dating market. These new sites appealed to people from all over the country or even overseas and people from different socio and economic backgrounds. After all, love has no boundaries, so the concept of online dating was simply that members would join a site of their choosing and look for their perfect match from amongst the large data bases of other members. In short, there was no elite dating facility for those more discerning daters.

As time went by, the dating sites gradually began to expand the parameters of their site’s search functions. As such search functions became more sophisticated, members were able to search for compatible matches by checking off a long a long list of desirable characteristics or requirements available to all members. These use various criteria such as location of member, ethnicity, age, body type, height, hair colour; or if other members had provided a photo, or even if they smoked or drank.

As helpful as such refined searches were, they still seemed to be missing something—and, as a result, the first few elite dating sites began to be created.

Such elite dating sites began to offer on-line dating services for niche sectors within the overall dating community and specifically target certain types of people looking to date. Quite quickly there were millionaire matching sites, wealthy men sites, rich men looking for younger women (sugar daddies) sites, younger women looking for older men (sugar babies) sites and other elite dating sites available.

No matter what sort of person you were looking for, by some judicious research and reviewing some of these new elite dating sites, you were now able to find more easily and effectively others in your particular dating niche.

Naturally, certain elite dating sites have some barriers to entry. Let’s say for millionaire or rich men dating sites, often it was necessary to have verified proof of your financial status or income to be eligible to join. Or, it may be that, for example, if you are a sugar baby, then your photo and other personal details may be subject to approval of the site administrator before you were allowed to become a member.

In any event, elite dating sites continue to be some of the fastest growing online dating platforms, most of them having gained huge popularity since inception. One of the key advantages of such sites is that help users make the right choice of potential dates by taking least time and effort. They also, typically, offer more of a personalised service to members with dating advice and updated elite dating tips through their blogs and periodic new features.