Seven tips to attract women for an average guy

You know what they say… If you’re an average guy, you’re doomed to average women, right? WRONG. In fact, there’s plenty of average guys who make a KILLING at attracting super high-quality, top-notch super-hot women. I’m sure you’ve seen a couple. You’ve even probably wondered WTF does that guy have? He’s just… regular? Is he rich or something, is he famous?

It’s actually none of that. There’s another secret at play, in fact SEVEN of them, and I’m about to share them with you here:

You might have heard this or you might have not, but women have some really STRONGLY hard-WIRED parts of them that dictate to who she’ll be attracted to. If you can trigger these parts, she has no CHOICE, but to feel drawn to you like bees to honey.   One of these secrets is… The old saying «If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then its a duck».

Well, women have something similar:

  • If it acts like Brad Pitt, its probably Brad Pitt!
  • If it acts like an average dude, its an average dude!

Wtf? Brad Pitt? What’s that about? Simple… If you act like you’re IT, women have no choice but to be attracted to you. If you act like you’re not IT, you’re telling women to stay the fuck away from you.

Women like leaders

If you walk into any place AS IF you’re a celebrity, women will have no choice but to feel attracted to you. Its basically a primitive cave-woman thing. If a man acts like he’s an alpha leader, he is one, get him fast before other chicks do.

So, why do women go mad over rockstars and throw themselves over them? Is it the fame, is it the looks?

Heck no, most rockstars are butt ugly… And I mean bottom of the pitt ugly as it gets.

And even though the fame helps them out a bit… Its also because these rockstars, they… have INDIFFERENCE.

This means two things:

  • They smell like pussy
  • They act like they couldn’t care less if more pussy was had.

Basically, this is another «glitch» in women’s software. They’re hardwired to be attracted to guys who don’t seem to want. The whole cavewoman thing… if he acts like an alpha male, he must be one.

Ever noticed how when you got a girlfriend or a wife, all of a sudden all the women, everywhere you went suddenly started being a lot more interested in you? And you could be walking somewhere alone, none of these women knows you have a girlfriend… But they WANT you. This is because you act like a guy who’s SATISFIED. You don’t want more, so they give you more (yeah, women, whatever).

I mentioned rockstars «smell like pussy». Thing is that women are basically programmed to be drawn to men who «smell like pussy», and all that this means is that there are certain signals that men emit when they have a lot of pussy in their lives. Women are programmed to love those signals and be drawn to them. Rockstars act like they get a lot of it, and ironically, it gets them EVEN MORE of it. Solution for you? Act like a rockstar even if you’re not and you will start smelling of pussy.

Ever thought about what the word «sexy» means?

All it means is that something reminds you or makes you think of sex. Its something leads to sex.

So what the heck does this have to do with me, the average guy and attracting women? PLENTY! Let me share a story with you when I first tried out one of these advanced techniques.

There was this girl I had been trying to get for a while… So she comes over to my place right?   We’re just exchanging some textbooks for school or whatever… And then it HITS ME… I can test out this whole «sexy vibe» thing.

As we’re talking about mundane, boring, school stuff… I just focus on imagining what it would be like if we were having sex. And as I am talking to her (about this boring, school stuff) I feel my voice getting sexual, my face becoming JamesBond-esque… And suddenly, there’s the smell of «sex in the air». And all we were doing was talking about some textbooks! The point of this story is that you can be sexy any time you choose to be. By the way… I’ll let you guess how the story ended. Let’s just say it was a happy ending.

Do women like romantic guys? Sure… I like the old cashier at the supermarket, but I don’t wanna fuck him. Attraction and liking are NOT the same. To be attracted to… means to be magnetically drawn to something… Literally feeling like you are moving towards something and you can’t control (yeah, again, kinda like groupies with rockstars).

You wanna be ATTRACTIVE, not LIKED. Keep the romance for AFTER you’ve had wild monkey sex… until then, don’t waste your time or money.

Seriously. LIFE IS UNFAIR… The only person on this planet who HAS to like you is your mom… Everyone else… You have to earn it. You can sit here and whine how women don’t like you, or how women like rich guys, or handsome guys or whatever… OR, you can learn the skills I teach you and get liked everywhere you go.

Hint:  What excuse do you have for not having some 200 hot female friends. I said FRIENDS. Sure… you can make the excuse about not being good looking to be having sex with em… But the truth is, ANYONE can befriend hot women. And if anyone can have hot female friends, why don’t you have them yet?

Hint 2:  Having lots of female friends tends to trigger that whole «pussy smell» effect too. If you’re surrounded by hot female friends, other women who meet you, are 10 times more likely to find you attractive. Don’t ask, long story… Basically a biological glitch in women. They feel hot for guys who are surrounded by other hot women, and they can’t help it. Seriously dude. HOW MUCH TIME and effort do you need to try out my playa tips or just any playa tips out there? You can make excuses all you want about «being an average guy», but the truth is, you can try out attaining a «rockstar effect» in no time. Like how much time does it take you to try that exercise of walking into say a supermarket and just ACTING AS IF you’re «someone». Shit, go try it in another city if you have to. You have no excuses.