What Elite Dating Men and Women Floss About

Unlike the men and women who drown in the crowded field of unhindered, unfiltered and mostly free dating, subscribers of elite dating meet a number of conditions which significantly places them a few strides ahead of others. It is the air of accomplishment that is ostensibly carried over from the workplace to the love lives of men and women subscribed to the idea of elite dating. To some, this justifies a little flossing here and there. This articles looks at some of the motivations behind the flossing.


Subscribers to elite dating sites are often highly educated. While signing up, even if one can afford the payment rates for premium elite dating services, they are required to offer evidence to corroborate their educational claims. Some sites and apps, for example The League, obtain this information from the face book and LinkedIn profiles of concerned people.

As a result, elite dating men and women who subscribe to sites and apps such as The League have a reason to floss about the educational credentials. The League, for example, is known for creating matches for people with verifiable educational standards meeting others of various descriptions but with the bottom line requirement to be educated. For instance, Women chief executives are reputable to male subscribers of the app.

Successes & Careers

It is common knowledge that the successes of men and women using elite dating services constitute a key segment of what they can floss about. In some silent way, it is like saying their successes can buy them anything including love. Of course it is debatable on this front because various people have different experiences. Fundamentally, though, you will be inclined to floss about how successes like a well built career can come with good tidings.


When The League was launched, its users were only admitted from Los Angels, Ney York and San Francisco. The App employed strict vetting procedures to enforce this requirement. The neighborhoods gained tremendous acclaim. To some noticeable extent, this was nothing more than building an air of exclusivity of the app in terms f admitting members (do not forget they paid to be members).To some verifiable end, this was achieved and a new forte had been born with the app. Members were naturally inclined to floss about their membership and the resulting successes of their memberships.


In conclusion, therefore, elite dating has creating an emerging cadre of individuals – members’ exclusive feeling of belonging and a piece of the bragging rights’ pie. This comes with endless possibilities. You can get whoever you want so long as you are wanted in the first place. That means, when elites can meet fellow elites but with diverse descriptions, the resulting feeling is both exclusive and may, in certain confines, be considered flossing. It hurts no one though!